May 30, 2024
  • May 30, 2024

Exploring Aviation Excellence: Makassed Volunteers Unit at MEA

By admin on April 25, 2024
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A delegation from the Makassed Volunteers Unit visited the training and conference center of Middle East Airlines – MEA, accompanied by Ms. Rula Al Ajouz Sidani, a member of Makassed Board of Trustees, and led by Brigadier General M. Khaled Jaroudi, head of the Volunteers Unit, along with Vice President Commander Ahmad Mikati.

Their visit started with a video chronicling the history and notable achievements of the national carrier, with reflections on the damages endured due to Israeli aggression. They then embarked on an immersive experience, stepping aboard a crafted model of an Airbus plane. Guided through a virtual take-off and landing, dubbed “Virtual Flight,” the delegation gained insights into the protocols followed by aircraft crews in managing emergency situations mid-flight.

A virtual take-off and landing, “Virtual Flight”, was carried out with an explanation of how the aircraft crew dealt with emergency incidents during flight. Attendees also visited a display showcasing the evolution of pilots’ and flight attendants’ attire from the start of MEA to the present day.

Culminating their visit, Mr. Mohammad Al Hout, Chairman of the board of directors and Director General of MEA, received the students in his office. In his address, he praised the inclusive values of Makassed and expressed pride in his alma mater, formerly known as Horj School, now Khaled Bin El Walid College.

The visit concluded as the delegation, joined by the company’s general manager, gathered at the entrance of the training center for a commemorative photograph.