May 30, 2024
  • May 30, 2024

SAWA Counseling Unit

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The SAWA Counseling Unit concluded its second University Fair at Khaled Bin El Walid College, themed “Dare to Dream, Learn to Achieve,” bringing together 400 students from Makassed secondary schools and 12 prestigious private universities from Lebanon.

Students seized the opportunity to connect with representatives, gather essential information about majors, admissions, financial aid, and scholarships, setting the stage for their academic journey.

Makassed President Dr. Faisal Sinno, Board members, and Makassed figures including Dr. Ghina Al Badawi Hafez, Director of Educational Affairs, Dr. Hassan Ghaziri, President of Makassed University, Dr. Adel Damaj, Director of Makassed Vocational Center attended the event.

Furthermore, the Unit organized a three-day training for Makassed Teachers in collaboration with the Makassed Resource Center to establish trauma-sensitive schools, enhancing both mental health and academic performance.

Dr. Souhad Chbeir from Stanford University’s Early Life Stress and Resilience Program conducted an online session addressing trauma and ongoing stress, while Mrs. Erin Cooney, Director of PureEdge curriculum and instructions, led an engaging online session on strategies to support students exposed to adverse experiences. Additionally, Ms. Rima Hamoud, a trauma-informed yoga teacher, conducted an in-person session featuring yoga and mindfulness activities to promote wellness and alleviate muscle tension.

As part of the ‘Will to Skill’ program, Makassed Grade 11 students from all Makassed Secondary schools embarked on an exciting journey with Irada organization’s monthly soft skills training, with each engaging session focusing on vital skills.