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Makassed Hospital Equipped with Latest Incisive CT Scanner

By on October 5, 2023 0 158 Views

Makassed General Hospital just acquired the latest Incisive CT Scanner from Philips, which offers better imaging/screening results and meets some of the hospital’s pressing challenges. Operator and design efficiencies come together for wise decisions from start to finish with an unprecedented Tube for Life guarantee, with great patient care, and where the control tools provide an easy workflow of the radiology team.

The scanner features:

  • High resolution LCD display;
  • Ease of use;
  • Computer memory;
  • Multi-function and fast data processing;
  • Pain-free procedures;
  • Low radiation;
  • 3D images;
  • Protocols for children;
  • Specific heart, blood vessels and coronary arteries protocols;
  • Calcium measurement to make appropriate decisions for cardio patients;
  • Cardiograph;
  • CT Fluoroscopy: Live biopsy samples are easy to take, with high accuracy.