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Successful Reconstructive Microsurgery for a Patient’s Face

By on October 13, 2023 0 172 Views

Makassed Hospital’s ENT department, overseen by Dr. Bassel El Baba, has recently encountered a remarkable case involving a patient who had undergone extensive tumor removal.

The aftermath of the treatment had led to a significant facial and orbital floor collapse, resulting in impaired vision and facial disfigurement. The patient’s profound desire to regain both his appearance and quality of life prompted his visit to our facility.

Struggling to recognize his own reflection, he presented a complex challenge due to the delicate nature of his tissues post-chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Employing innovative techniques, the team embarked on a tailored approach by crafting a precise 3D-printed replica of the patient’s face. This laid the foundation for an intricate microsurgical orbito-maxillary reconstruction, utilizing a meticulously layered fibula free flap.

The surgical undertaking was notably demanding, addressing both functional and aesthetic aspects. The patient is progressing well in his recovery, standing as a testament to his resilience and confidence in our care.

Dr. El Baba is deeply thankful for the relentless dedication of the ENT team at Makassed Hospital, as their unwavering dedication played a pivotal role in establishing a referral center in reconstructive microsurgery.

Gratitude is also extended to Dr. Vinay Jacob and his team for their invaluable collaboration throughout this endeavor.