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  • Lycée Makassed Khadija El Kobra’s 3rd Cycle Joins French Curriculum

Lycée Makassed Khadija El Kobra’s 3rd Cycle Joins French Curriculum

By on October 13, 2023 0 143 Views

Lycée Makassed Khadija El Kobra was successfully accredited by the French curriculum in its third cycle, following the school’s compliance with the principles, programs and pedagogical organization of the French education system.

Accredited institutions allow students to study abroad within French language programs in accordance with the values and requirements of the French education system. With this certificate, institutions join the network of French secondary schools around the world coordinated by AEFE and can in particular benefit from privileged access to educational services and staff training.

The school also partnered with the French school EST PARISIEN for the next academic year in the secondary stage, after it was implemented in the intermediate cycle.

The School Partnership Project focuses on sharing good practices. The main objective is to improve collaboration for the exchange of ideas, practices and teaching methods. Depending on the objectives of the project, the exchange of groups of pupils and teachers can be organized. They allow the entire educational community to come together around specific, sustainable and interdisciplinary projects.