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October 5, 2023

Makassed Scouts: Giving without Limits

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The Makassed Scout Association continues to fulfill its duty by carrying out activities that benefit the Makassed Association in particular, and the society in general.

On May 21st, the Beirut Commission at the Makassed Scout Association held a special day in the Scout City located in Araya, which saw the participation of 100 male and female leaders of the Makassed Scout clubs from all faculties and Makassed Vocational Training and Technical Center.

Activities started in the presence of the general leader, Imad al Fata, and members of the General and Beirut Commissions.

The gathering was attended by members of the administrative body, BOT members Bassam Barghout and Hassan Bohsali, who thanked the leaders for the voluntary activities they provide.

The Scout Association had also inaugurated its summer camp in the Scout City, by holding a “bonfire evening” on July 22, 2023, in the presence of Makassed President, Dr. Faisal Sinno, members of the administrative body, and with the participation of leaders, scouts and their families. 150 participants from various scouts’ commissions joined the camp.

The Beirut Commission implemented various educational and distinctive activities, which included teaching the basics of the scouting movement, in addition to various sports and cultural activities.

As part of its summer activities, the Scouts Association – Beirut Commission also organized a “survival camp” for the Rangers clan affiliated with Makassed Vocational Training and Technical Center over two days in Makassed Scout City. Training sessions and workshops were held in which 25 Rangers joined to enhance their scouting work.

Meanwhile, Scouts Clubs were established in all Makassed schools, as a human resource for those who wish to join this noble cause. These clubs prepare leaders, by training them with the aim of refining their leadership skills and developing their psychological, mental, physical and social abilities to become scout leaders capable of managing the regiments activities and become active citizens in their society.

On the morning of the first day of Eid al-Adha, young men and women from the Scouts Association performed the Eid prayer in the Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq – Al-Qantari Mosque, before heading to the Makassed graveyards of Bashoura and Shouhada. They welcomed visitors and provided them with assistance, then wished them a blessed Eid and distributed copies of the Holy Qur’an, sweets, toys, roses, and cold water.

In addition, a number of Beirut Commission leaders visited children cancer patients at Makassed General Hospital before Eid Al-Adha, setting up entertainment activities and distributing gifts to patients.

The leaders of the Beirut Commission and the Central Musical Band also participated in the well-wishing Makassed ceremony on the first day of Eid al-Adha., welcoming Makassed family and supporters.

In August 2023, a number of leaders of the Beirut Commission and the Beqaa Commission participated in the preparatory studies for the wooden badge for all scout branches organized by the Arab Scout Organization at the association’s training center in the Azm and Saadeh facility in Sir al-Danniyeh.  During the 4 days course, participants learned the arts of leadership, with the aim of refining their leadership skills and supporting their scouting needs.

In a brotherhood spirit and atmosphere, experiences were exchanged between students who ten received participation certificates

The Makassed Scout Association also participated in the study of the designer of an accredited training path No. 1 represented by the Administrative Commissioner and Beirut Leader Wissam al-Shami, and in the study of an accredited scout trainer No. 2 represented by the Assistant Commissioner of Beirut Commander Fatima Sakr, which was set up by the Lebanese Scout Association at the Arab Scout Training Center in Sir al-Danniyeh. The two studies concluded with a closing ceremony in the presence of the President of the Scout Association of Lebanon, Commander George Gharib, the Secretary General, Commander Saeed Maaliqi, and the General Commissioner of the Association, Leader Faiza Qanbar, and the leadership of the two studies.