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Ongoing Cooperation with Harvard and MOU with General Secretary of Catholic Schools

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Twenty five Makassed teachers from different schools undertook university courses entitled “Agile Thinking” and “Tiers of Help” that are offered in Arabic Language, which come in line with a one-year agreement with Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) to offer online modules designed by Harvard in Arabic.

The modules titled “Agile Thinking” and “Tiers of Help” are offered to teachers and educators who use Arabic as a medium of instruction. Each module lasts for two intensive weeks in which the focus is on applying differentiated instruction strategies in the classroom. The modules are also facilitated by three of the team leaders at Makassed who have been trained on how to run the modules effectively.

The agreement states that Makassed can offer the modules nationally and internationally, where all enrolled participants receive certificates of completion from Harvard.

Another Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Al Makassed and the General Secretary of Catholic schools in Lebanon.

Dr. Faisal Sinno, Makassed’s President, signed the  joint MOU with the Catholic Schools, represented by Father Youssef Nasr. This agreement contributes to the implementation of joint programs within the framework of developing the quality of education in schools. These include academic cooperation, exchange visits, training and others.

Meanwhile, an agreement was signed betweem the Ouzai School and Code Brave to deliver a coding session to students in the weekly curriculum.

A partnership was also inked between Ali Bin Abi Taleb College and the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA)

The partnership aims at engaging the school in the Creative Schools’ Networks (CSN) initiative, which infuses creativity and innovation to turn the challenges they face into opportunities for growth.