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Makassed: Pioneering Progress for 146 Years and Counting

President Dr. Faisal Sinno marked Makassed’s 146th anniversary with a poignant reflection on its enduring legacy and commitment to excellence. He emphasized that Makassed’s journey transcends mere passage of time, rooted instead in a sacred trust passed down through generations.

Dr. Sinno underscored the strong dedication of Makassed’s founders and subsequent leaders, who cultivated a legacy of love and generosity, nurturing the seeds of progress planted by their ancestors. Dr. Sinno spoke of Makassed pursuit of development and prosperity, enabled by God and driven by a resolute will and a steadfast faith. Despite the challenges of the present era, Makassed has forged ahead with determination, achieving notable milestones under divine guidance.

Makassed President also highlighted the remarkable achievements of the educational sector, with Makassed schools boasting a success rate of over 98% in official exams. Moreover, many students have garnered prestigious awards in local, Arab, and international competitions, with some securing scholarships at prestigious universities both in Lebanon and abroad.

He also detailed Makassed infrastructure projects, including the completion of numerous construction endeavors across Beirut and rural areas. Notable among these efforts is the revitalization of Abdel Kader Kabbani school in Burj Abi Haidar and Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq school in Al Kantari, with plans to significantly expand their capacities. Additionally, Makassed is completing the restoration of Kulliyet al Banat in the Bashoura area, to house Makassed University and its faculties. The former Higher Institute for Islamic Studies building has also been restored to reopen as “Beit Al Makassed,” serving as Makassed official headquarters and housing a museum dedicated to its rich heritage.

Dr. Faisal Sinno highlighted the significant advancements made by Makassed General Hospital, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing healthcare services: “Makassed General Hospital has achieved many goals in terms of developing its departments, modernizing its equipment, and improving the quality of its healthcare, hospital, and administrative services, through generous donations totaling approximately ten million dollars from philanthropists and Gulf countries, notably the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center,” adding that the hospital has embraced sustainable practices by meeting its electricity needs through solar energy. This initiative extends to three educational institutions in Beirut, with a fourth currently under construction, alongside the main headquarters. “Efforts are underway to expand these sustainable energy practices to encompass the entire hospital and its ancillary facilities, as well as schools, institutes, and primary healthcare centers’ he added, highlighting Makassed ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability in healthcare.

He then explained that “Ward Al Makassed’s work has evolved significantly to empower women and youth with vocational skills tailored to meet the demands of the job market. Through partnerships with UNICEF and other development programs, Ward Al Makassed has expanded its reach to remote villages in Akkar and the Beqaa, to equip more individuals with means to secure dignified livelihoods. The establishment of Ward Al Makassed shop at Makassed Commercial Center in Mar Elias, serves as a platform for women and youth who have undergone training at the center to showcase and sell their products. Furthermore, the management of school stores has been entrusted to Ward Al Makassed, augmenting its role in supporting the community. Additionally, the center has undertaken the responsibility of providing meals for Makassed General Hospital and efforts are underway to inaugurate a cafeteria at Ward Al Makassed Center in Mar Elias, further enhancing its role as a hub for empowerment and support”.

Dr. Sinno then stated: “Let us not overlook the remarkable progress within our social work sector. Makassed Scouts inaugurated its Scout City in Araya following extensive renovation, providing a venue for scout activities and camps throughout the year, fostering collaboration among members and associations. Additionally, the Makassed Volunteers Unit continues to engage in community initiatives, empowering volunteers through specialized training camps and courses. These efforts ensure that volunteers possess the necessary skills to effectively serve the community. Lastly, the unveiling of Makassed Square at the eastern entrance of Corniche Al Mazraa is a milestone for the location to become a vibrant gathering space and a symbol of unity for Beirut and its inhabitants. Surrounding this landmark are numerous Makassed institutions and longstanding facilities that have shaped generations of exceptional individuals over the course of 146 years. As we look ahead, our path forward remains guided by our commitment to service and progress.

“As we stand at the threshold of the 21st century, Makassed is committed to modernization and advancement across all its facilities. While external distractions may occasionally capture attention, like a fleeting froth on a river’s surface, Makassed persists with resolute determination and courage. Despite the lingering influences of outdated ideologies, Makassed continues to forge ahead, undeterred by hegemonic thinking”.

He further asserted, “Behind Makassed stand visionary individuals, driven by a profound sense of purpose. Moreover, without a doubt, God’s protection guides our endeavors, directing our gaze forward towards greater knowledge and readiness for continued growth and prosperity.”

On this auspicious occasion, Makassed schools commemorated with a series of diverse activities, symbolizing the journey of success and excellence embraced by Makassed. The celebrations included cultural and artistic events, featuring captivating art exhibitions showcasing the talents of school students, alongside educational workshops and stimulating competitions. The festivities also included entertaining events and lectures into the rich Makassed history, with special recognition accorded to famous individuals who have played pivotal roles in shaping its trajectory.

Similarly, Makassed General Hospital marked this significant anniversary with a conference held at the Sana Tabbara building, attended by Dr. Sinno and prominent figures from MGH and the medical staff. Speeches delivered during the event highlighted the hospital’s remarkable development journey, underscoring its ongoing commitment to prosperity and progress.