July 7, 2022
  • July 7, 2022

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Beyond Crisis Program: Building Resilient Youth

by on June 29, 2022 0
Together, Makassed and UNICEF secure opportunities for the young generation to engage in quality learning, employment, and healthy lifestyles. Makassed has been a pioneer in mainstreaming youth within its various social, health and educational programs. “Beyond Crisis” builds on Makassed’s experience in designing and implementing previous programs and expands on them to empower its communities. [...] Read More

ABAT Choir at Arab Forum for Sustainable Development

by on June 1, 2022 0
As part of a series of projects and extra-curricular activities sponsored by ESCWA, the choir of Makassed- Ali bin Abi Talib College, led by Professor Kamal Al Khatib, participated in the opening ceremony of the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development on March 15, 2022. The choir performed the ESCWA anthem in the presence of Deputy [...] Read More

Makassed University President Meets Health Minister

by on June 1, 2022 0
Makassed University President Professor Abdul Raouf Sinno held a meeting with Health Minister Firas Al Abiad to discuss the general health situation and more specifically the COVID19 pandemic consequences in Lebanon. Dr. Sinno was accompanied by Mrs.Sawsan Halabi Ezzedine, Dean of College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Makassed University. Mrs Ezzedine daescribed to Dr. [...] Read More

Makassed Inaugurates Sana Tabbara Bldg.

by on June 1, 2022 0
Makassed inaugurated Sana Tabbara Building near Makassed General Hospital built in memory of late Sana Chafic Tabbara thanks to a generous donation by the family of her husband Ali Tabbara. The ceremony was held under the patronage of Prime Minister Najib Mikati - represented by Mrs. Mai Mikati, in the presence of the Grand Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh [...] Read More

Nursing Students Volunteer to Fight COVID-19

by on June 1, 2022 0
Students from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences joined the battle against COVID-19 virus by taking part in Makassed vaccination campaign in January and February 2022. Vaccinations were carried out for communities in remote areas of the Beqaa valley and North Lebanon. Previously, they had joined the vaccination campaign of Makassed students in Beirut [...] Read More

Lycée Khadija El Kobra equipped with solar energy

by on June 1, 2022 0
Makassed installed KAC Solar Energy System at Lycée Khadija El Kobra, thanks to a generous donation by Mr. Osama Bekdachi in order to provide the school with a more stable and self-sufficient power supply as electricity shortage are paralyzing Lebanon. With Lycée Khadija El Kobra using sophisticated appliances like computers, projectors and smart boards to [...] Read More

Makassed Nursing School Graduate Shines Abroad

by on June 1, 2022 0
On March 12th, Zeina Kassem and I were among the speakers at the first DAISY international conference in Abu Dhabi. The event entitled «The Art of Nursing around the World » was hosted by the co-founders of the DAISY Foundation™. The DAISY Foundation expresses gratitude to nurses with programs that recognize them for the extraordinary [...] Read More
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