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Beyond Crisis Program: Building Resilient Youth

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Together, Makassed and UNICEF secure opportunities for the young generation to engage in quality learning, employment, and healthy lifestyles.

Makassed has been a pioneer in mainstreaming youth within its various social, health and educational programs. “Beyond Crisis” builds on Makassed’s experience in designing and implementing previous programs and expands on them to empower its communities.

Between October 2021 and June 2022, and in collaboration with UNICEF, Makassed successfully reached out to 680 youth in the most vulnerable areas of Beirut and Beqaa, providing them with opportunities to build capacities in some of the most sought after labor market fields. Trainings included Nurse Aide Assistance, Personal Care Assistance, Food Processing, Upcycling, etc.

The project further helped a group of successful graduates of the competency-based skills training program with income generation opportunities to not only support them economically, but also further strengthen their integration to the labor market.

Empowerment being a pillar in this project, trainees enrolled in the market-based capacity building sessions also received life skills training. Youngsters joined the UNICEF Life Skills program that promotes personal empowerment (positive leadership), skills for employability and healthy lifestyles. Others had the opportunity to practice Life Skills through the design, development and implementation of youth-led community initiatives.


Makassed also gave trainees the opportunity to join its Volunteers Unit, linking them with various local stakeholders including NGOs and municipalities in order to plan and implement various community service initiatives.


Trainees also participated in the Do Good and Save the Environment campaign implemented by Makassed Volunteers Unit in collaboration with UNV and UNDP to celebrate International Volunteer Day and raise awareness on climate change. Trainees contributed to collecting 300 kg of plastic from schools, restaurants, shops, houses, and Beqaa camps where “although its residents are suffering from harsh living conditions, showed a great interest in helping our beneficiaries collecting plastic waste” reported the area field supervisor. Engaging the youth in this activity also aimed at allowing them to feel part of a bigger unit and develop a sense of belonging.


The partnership also tackled some of the COVID-19 pandemic issues and prepared 22 youths to engage in awareness and vaccine registration. The youths received a training by Balamand University on vaccination misconceptions and how to communicate with individuals and spread awareness. 24 volunteers conducted door to door visits in Tarik Al Jedida, with COVID-19 awareness messages to residents and helped in registering on the government vaccination platform. Makassed youth reached 8,300 individuals distributed over 2,215 households.


With this partnership that started 4 years ago, Makassed continues to serve the most vulnerable Lebanese and non-Lebanese youths and empowers them to face the emerging socio-economic needs and challenges, tapping into the various opportunities that they could bring to rebuild a resilient Lebanon and respond to the needs of future generations.