July 7, 2022
  • July 7, 2022

Ramadan at Makassed

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The deterioration in purchasing power prompted Makassed to boost its humanitarian efforts during the Holy month of Ramadan as the country witnessed one of its worst financial crisis since the civil war with a devastating impact on vulnerable families.

with all its sectors joining forces to spread a message of love and joy in the hearts of many.

“Your Zakat … Their Hope” campaign

Makassed Fundraising and Development Unit launched a campaign to collect zakat during Ramadan to support families in need, under the slogan “Your Zakat … Their Hope”.

The awareness campaign focused on means, for Muslims who meet the necessary criteria, to donate annually a certain portion of wealth to those in need.

The campaign focused on three essential axes:

  • Cover tuition fees for Makassed students in all Lebanese regions;
  • Help in the treatment of patients in need at Makassed General Hospital, especially those admitted in Hematology-Oncology, Neonatal Intensive Care and Covid-19 units.
  • Secure food rations and meals distributed to vulnerable families to cover their needs during Ramadan as the worsening economic situation continued to have its toll on the livelihoods of people.

Hot Meals and Relief Response 

During Ramadan, Ward Al Makassed Center prepared generous meal portions consisting of a main dish, soup and salad, to be distributed to those who need it most.

Meals were distributed according to the number of family members per household and reached 10,800 registered beneficiaries during the Holy month.


Food vouchers and baskets

To complete the Ramadan support to underprivileged families, Makassed, with the support of generous donators, distributed 1,898 food vouchers to Makassed employees and 202 vouchers for families outside Makassed as well as 1,492 food baskets to families in the Beqaa and North Lebanon.


The Holy Month at Makassed

  • Volunteers: hosting a total of 1,750 people
  • 100 children from the Islamic Orphanage on April 15th
  • 100 people from Dar Al-Ajaza Al-Islamia Hospital
  • 100 children from the Islamic Orphanage on April 22nd and 100 others on April 23rd
  • 100 Makassed employees at the iftar of the Lebanese Food Bank
  • Iftar for 350 children of the Mohamed Khaled’s institutions on April 26th
  • Iftar to honor the Ramadan efforts of 100 volunteers on April 30th
  • Assisting Cedars for Care in organizing daily iftars for approximately 600 fasting people
  • Helping the “Iftar in a Box” initiative (350 boxes)
  • Cooperating with Ahl al-Khair Association in packing iftar for 200 fasting people


  • Scouts
  • Organizing “The Holy Month at our Home is Different” where 45 leaders and 40 commanders and guides prepared meals for the less fortunate in the kitchens of the Golf Club of Lebanon and delivered them to 200 families
  • 50 leaders and scouts distributed water and dates at more than 500 passers-by near the Scouts’ headquarters in Beirut
  • In partnership with Ward Al Makassed, 20 leaders and scouts helped in preparing iftar meals and organizing iftar banquets for 130 orphans. Meanwhile, more than 50 leaders and scouts organized activities at the Scouts’ city in Araya
  • Distributing maamoul to Bachoura graveyard visitors on the first day of Eid
  • Assisting Makassed President Dr. Faisal Sinno in welcoming visitors on the first day of Eid


  • Schools
  • Puppet shows and religious activities, and competitions
  • Quran recitation competition with all participants receiving cash prizes
  • Iftar banquets in collaboration with Gemz Academy
  • Taking part in memorizing the Prophet (PBUH) hadith competition
  • Makassed Choir took part in “Fanousi” Ramadan initiative
  • Welcoming storyteller Khaled Naanaa in kindergarten classes



  • Iftar for Donors, Supporters and Makassed Family

Makassed held four iftar banquets for Makassed employees, donors and supporters and Board of Trustees, at Ward Al Makassed to acknowledge their unwavering support to its mission. Banquets took place during the first ten days of Ramadan and were attended by Makassed President and Board of Trustees members, donors, supporters and friends, in addition to a number of officials.

  • Reviving the Night of Qadr

Makassed President Dr. Faisal Sinno toured the Association’s mosques in Beirut and remote areas to join the Night of Qadr celebrations