July 7, 2022
  • July 7, 2022

Outstanding Students at Ali Bin Abi Talib College

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It was an exciting year for Ali Bin Abi Taleb College students who have been awarded several medals and ranked high in different local and regional competitions.

In the 2022 competition organized by the Lebanese National Association for Science and Research for middle and secondary national levels, Hamza Dandashli received the silver medal for his project “Starlight: how does the intensity of light and brightness change with the variation in distance?” ranking second for the category physical, chemical and astronomy research study path. Meanwhile, secondary grade student Ali El Zein also won the silver medal for his “Be Active and Attractive” project, in the category of health and life sciences / model path / invention.

Ali Bin Abi Talib students also took part in the annual American University of Beirut Science Fair, securing great ranks in different categories: Anji Fakhoury, grade 5, ranked 3rd on her “Earth Electricity” project, Remi Fakhoury, grade 8, won the 2nd prize for her “Neuroscience Revolution” project, while kindergarten students Jad Al Okaily, Mila Korfali, Youmna Marashly   won the 1st place for their “Our Tricky Brain” project.