July 7, 2022
  • July 7, 2022

Makassed Inaugurates Sana Tabbara Bldg.

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Makassed inaugurated Sana Tabbara Building near Makassed General Hospital built in memory of late Sana Chafic Tabbara thanks to a generous donation by the family of her husband Ali Tabbara.

The ceremony was held under the patronage of Prime Minister Najib Mikati – represented by Mrs. Mai Mikati, in the presence of the Grand Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, of former PM Tammam Salam, of Health Minister Dr. Firas Abiad, of Makassed President Dr. Faisal Sinno as well as other prominent figures. Following a tour of the building, guests were then presented with a video documenting the stages of the construction.

Dr. Sinno told attendees that “the amount of free of charge treatments that Makassed offers to underprivileged patients are indescribable,” thanking donors from Lebanon and abroad for supporting the hospital’s patients fund.

He also stressed that health treatment offered to the needy is a right from the Zakat funds, concluding that “Beirut families and their NGOs are doing well, and if Makassed is well then Beirut is well, and if Beirut is well then Lebanon is well.”

Mr. Tabbara then thanked Makassed for its efforts to construct the building bearing the name of his late wife, noting that he had “several options for the location of the project and the aim was Beirut, and Beirut is Makassed”.

Dr. Sinno then offered the insignia of Makassed to Ali Tabbara as a token of friendship and appreciation.