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Lycée Khadija El Kobra equipped with solar energy

By on June 1, 2022 0 15 Views

Makassed installed KAC Solar Energy System at Lycée Khadija El Kobra, thanks to a generous donation by Mr. Osama Bekdachi in order to provide the school with a more stable and self-sufficient power supply as electricity shortage are paralyzing Lebanon.

With Lycée Khadija El Kobra using sophisticated appliances like computers, projectors and smart boards to impart its modern curriculum and implement its management, the school I regularly deeply affected by the electricity rationing and blackouts and needed steady and reliable power.

The solar energy system is made of 100 Jinko Solar PV panels 540wp, Schneider 50kw inverter, and Eaton fuel saver, and generates a total power of 54KW, so assuming that the power factor is 0.8 then the possible consumption is of 196 amperes.

The total power generated is of course affected by weather conditions. However, it will ensure that the generator shuts down once the load falls below 30% of its total load.